These two Registers are part of the initiatives for trade liberalization in Professional Services; reduce barriers and ease the process for engineers to gain access to work and practise in other economies.Engineers in these Registers shall have their competence recognised by APEC and International member economies. This is of particular benefit to engineering firms that are providing services to other APEC and International member economies, but they also add value to individuals who may wish at some stage to work in the APEC and International member economies.

Criteria For Registration

  1. Must have completed an accredited or recognized engineering programme;
  2. Has been assessed within their own economy as eligible for independent practice;
  3. Has gained a minimum of 7 years practical experience since graduation;
  4. Has spent at least 2 years in responsible charge of significant engineering work;
  5. Has maintained their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at a satisfactory level.
  6. Be a Registered Professional Engineer under the Registration of Engineers Act; and
  7. Be a Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM).


Register Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
APEC Engineer RM 100 RM 100
IntPE International Engineer RM 100 RM 100

Both Registers are to be applied together. Fee Payable therefore will be RM400/-

Subscription is currently renewable once every four years.

Click the link below to download registration form: APEC IPEA Application Form (PDF) & APEC Instruction to Application (2020).