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Board of Engineers Malaysia/Lembaga Jurutera Malaysia (BEM/LJM)

International Engineering Alliance (IEA)

Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia (EAC)

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM).

Act & Regulations

BEM Download – Matters and Forms

Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Rev. 2015)

Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Rev. 2007) (PDF)

Registration of Engineers Regulation 1990 (Rev. 2015)

BEM Code of Professional Conduct

IEM Information

APEC Assessment Statement Malaysia (PDF)

IPEA Assessment Statement Malaysia (PDF)

IEM Regulation on Professional Conduct

The IEM Constitution and Bylaws

IEM Code of Conduct

Accreditation And Recognition Of Degree

List of Accredited Engineering Programme in Malaysia

Engineering Programme Accreditation Manual

Background to Accredited Qualifications for Registration as Graduate Engineer

Engineering Programme Accreditation Manual

Background on CPD for Professional Engineers

Detailed CPD Programme

Recognised CPD Programme

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Professionals Recognition of Overseas Engineering Degrees

Background on PDP

Guidelines for Mentors of IEM

Training Of Reviewers For Evaluation Of Professional Competence Jurisdiction

Competence Agreements (PDF)

Graduate Attributes and Professional Competencies (PDF)

IEA-Review-Handbook-V1 (PDF)

Preparing Reviewers (PDF)

APEC Travel Info

APEC Business Travel Card Information (PDF)

APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC)

APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) #FAQ

APEC Travel Card – Immigration Department of Malaysia

APEC Travel Document (Required Document)

APEC Business Card through MSPC – Application and Procedures

Agreement, Accords And Co-operation

International Professional Engineers Agreement

APEC Engineer Co-operation

International Engineering Alliance : Policies and Procedures

Washington Accord

Sydney Accord

Dublin Accord


APEC IPEA Application Form (PDF) & APEC Instruction to Application (2020).

Application as Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate with BEM

Application as Professional Engineer with BEM

Application as Graduate Engineer with BEM

Application for Professional Assessment Examinations

Application to be Member of IEM

Application to be Graduate Member of IEM

Professional Interview Guidelines to be a Member of IEM

BEM CPD Record Sheet (PDF)

Definition of Responsible Charge of Significant Engineering Work (PDF)

APEC Organisation Chart

Deletion of Non-Paying Members Flow Chart (PDF)

Flow Chart for 2013 General (PDF)

Flow Chart on APEC EMF (PDF)